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Based in Rotterdam, sahna is composed by Carla and Pedro, with the goal of bringing awareness about the relationship between body-care/hygiene habits and our environment.

The body care and hygiene industry as we know it, supports staple-products massive production that includes harmful chemicals, plastics and emissions that have a big impact in our skin and body but also in our land, air and sea. Therefore, we carried out this initiative and, what started as a chit-chat idea, has gotten real after all. Now we are able to offer our own handmade soap, making sure we stay as environmentally friendly as possible during the whole process.

Society is slowly shifting towards a more environmentally conscious approach to their way of living. We believe it is our job as society to try and do our best along the way, step by step, by changing our routines with more sustainable and ethical choices.

As a small craft company specialized in handmade body-care and hygiene products we want to provide you with the means to be part of this unstoppable change.

Would you like to be part of it?

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